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9-11 Eastgate

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I was a client at this salon for almost a year, trying to grow my short hair to shoulder length. I had grown it to the length of a bob when the half asleep 'senior stylist' hacked at it without asking fully what I wanted, and without straightening it, so when I went home and straightened my poor hair, the 'straight' fringe was now lop-sided and the neat bob was a mess. I paid forty two pounds for someone to ruin my self-esteem and had to get it all cut off short at another hairdressers, undoing a year of growing and nurturing it. I would advise anyone not to bother going to RMUK unless you want to be made allergic to the owners cat that sits next to you, have your hair dyed to a colour you are not happy with (which has happened to two of my friends) and have your hair cut in a ridiculous shape, only to have to trim it yourself when you get home.

A very unhappy customer.

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